Why, hello there.  My name is Elliott Brooks.  A.k.a. Aunt Ellie!  

My homemade Campfire Crispies are an updated version of the classic American dessert, the rice krispy treat. I've always been quite obsessed with the marshamllow, and thought - why not give them new life.  The rice krispy treat has been the perfect vessle for fun and delicious new flavors that I dream about night after night.  My Campfire Crispies are just like mom used to make, but since they come on a stick, you won't have to worry about sticky fingers, or a fudged iphone. Take off the plastic wrap on your davenports, and enjoy!  

Once my nephew Ari was born, I knew I had to create a company that was just as sweet as he is.  I hope to represent all of the proud Aunts in this world, as I spoil the masses with my downright delicious Sweet Treats!  

And now I have a new nephew to bake for... MAX!

Order my gourmet Campfire Crispies or Cakes to cater an out-of-the-ordinary event, from your Sunday picnic in the park, to your wedding in the woods.  They are just the thing to make a lasting impression on your new friends, and greatly impress your family, bosses, inlaws... and lovers.  Everyone needs a little sugar.

Sweetly yours,

Aunt Ellie